Change in the World´s Policy – Subject Crisis Management


…one of those pictures like I inserted above is familiar to everyone of us in these days!
Definitely you´ve heard, saw or read enough about the earthquake in the media. So  for now it´s sufficient to summarize just the most important facts for you to remember:
   1.)  Date: 12 of January, 2010; 16:53 local time (21:53 UTC)
   2.)  Magnitude: 7.0 M (with 33 aftershocks)
   3.)  Epicentre: Léogâne (approximately 25 km west of
       Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti)
   4.)  Number of People affected by the quake: three million
   5.)  Number of People died: almost 200 000

 (For further information have a look at this video)  

Nevertheless the main challenge of that blog shouldn´t be to report about the world´s crisis but to debate how President Obama deals with such crisis!