Congratulations Mr.Change – 1 Year President Barack Obama!!

From "Badische Zeitung" you all know the purpose of my blog “Change in the Word´s Policy – Subject Obama” is to summarize every week the latest news of Obama´s politics and *as you hopefully have recognized* it doesn´t pall because every week there´s enough “stuff” to talk about! …to be honest, SO MUCH stuff that I often can´t easily decide what are the MAIN NEWS to talk about in my next blog entry!  

Regardless the hundreds of news which would definitely worth to be discussed I want to post something like an “Out-of-order-entry” today! “Out-of-order” because it shouldn´t be discussed Obama´s politics of the last week but 


(“One year Obama”: January 20, 2010)

It was the January 20, 2010 when President Barack Obama 
marked one year since he took office. In the
daily news it was reported that this anniversary 
was barely mentioned at the White House. (Virtually 
the only public commemoration of the anniversary 
was by the president's wife, Michelle Obama, who 
surprised visitors Wednesday by personally 
conducting White House tours!!)

But – What was the reason? …doing a bad job during the previous 12 months??


This graph shows the public’s view of President Obama´s first year in office! It is far from being an effective predictor of how well he is judged as president! …nor it is a good predictor of his probability of being re-elected!

The comedown is dramatic!

-> 62 % of Americans now say the country is off on the wrong track

-> 53 % aren’t confident in Obama to make the right decisions for the country’s future

-> 41 % say he’s keeping his major campaign promises

-> 76 % thought he’d bring “needed change” to Washington – 50 percent today say he’s actually done so

Nevertheless it´s close to my heart to indicate which major
problems Mr.Obama had to solve during the last 12 months
although he is NOT RESPONSIBLE for them!!! Just imagine the
global finance crisis, the dramatic budget deficit of 482
billion (remaining of Bush´s policy!!), the record level 
of unemployment when he took office one year before, the
dramatic situation of America´s wars in Afghanistan and
Iraq, the list is never-ending...

What Obama actually did to solve all that problems or more precisely: What his major topics of concern were during the last months you can see by observing my blog – have fun by browsing and don´t hesitate to comment! (all of your comments will be invisible for other visitors if you request  that like many of you did!)

But for now I don´t want to keep MY PERSONAL OPINION
about the previous 12 months secret:

Yes that´s it:

“Obama weaker, but still strong”

This slogan summarizes my personal opinion about the presidency of “Mr.Change”! He is “still strong” although the US.citizens kept him more grounded one year before! BUT he will continue making a good job under difficult circumstances!!

..and please don´t forget: 

For the moment the data show that President Obama is performing below average in the context of other presidents one year after their election. ..and that Americans have become less sure that he will be able to accomplish a number of his administration’s goals. BUT it may not have much significance relative to re-election at the beginning of year two, as the two presidents (other than Obama) with the lowest approval ratings at this stage of their White House careers were both re-elected!! ..and one of those with the highest approval ratings (George H.W. Bush) was not!!!!!

SO… 1 year Obama?! – My personal opinion to his presidency:


But now let´s interact: It’s one year since President Barack Obama was sworn in. Let’s talk about it!

What do you think about the last year? What’s gone right? What’s gone wrong? What impressed you? What disappointed you? What should the Obama team keep doing – and what should they change going forward?


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